Biogas Support Programme (BSP) funded/supported mainly by GoN/SNV-DGIS/KfW.

Projects of BSP-Nepal

Some of the major projects completed or ongoing projects/programmes:

  • Biogas Support Programme (BSP) funded/supported mainly by GoN/SNV-DGIS/KfW
  • Rainwater Harvesting Capacity Centre (RHCC)with funding from RAIN Foundation, the Netherlands
  • Implementation of Gold Standard VER Biogas Projects (GSP) with funding from WWF
  • National Rural and Renewable Energy Programme (NRREP) funded/supported by Alternative Energy Promotion Centre(AEPC)/Government of Nepal and various External Development Partners
  • Scaling up of Renewable Energy Programme (S-REP) funded by Government of Nepal/World Bank
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Project with funding from Dutch WASH Alliance (DWA)
  • Global Partnership Output Based Aid (GPOBA) funded/supported by AEPC/Government of Nepal/World Bank
  • Community Owned Biogas for Livelihood Enhancement (COBLE) funded by Renewable World, Uk
  • Construction of household, institutional, community type of rainwater harvesting tanks for multiple uses
  • Demand Collection, Feasibility Study, Testing & Commissioning,Construction of institutional, community and commercial biogas plants with funding from different donors
  • Biogas Rehabilitation Projects funded/supported by Alternative Energy Promotion Centre, KfW, DFID, atmosfair-Germany

BSP-Nepal believes in:

  • Partnership for participation is our motto
  • Biogasand Rainwater Harvesting is wonder products
  • Privates companies are backbones
  • Credits and Subsidy are prime movers
  • Quality is our religion
  • Data is our heart