To Develop and disseminate biogas as the primary source of energy in the rural areas of Nepal.

Introduction of BSP-Nepal


  • To Develop and disseminate biogas as the primary source of energy in the rural areas of Nepal.
  • Toachieve main goal according to clause (Ka) and to make biogas as sustainable source of energy the following actionto be taken.
    • Exercisewith wide-rangeplans for institutionalstrengthening.
    • Design medium scale planning to provide support to the biogas companies.
    • Work through small scale projects to get maximum benefits from biogas
  • Obtain permission from the concernedagencies while implementing the programme as per then ational policy with co-ordination to the concerned district level offices.
  • To collect and uses of the rain water.
  • To uplift the living standard of the community by implementing environmental conservation andsustainable development programme.


  • Partnership Strategy.
  • Product Improvement or Development
  • Awareness Creation and Promotion
  • Maintaining and Replicating best practices
  • Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building for Sustained ServiceDelivery
  • Institutional Flexibility and Sustainability
  • Institutional Good Governments

Core Activities of BSP-Nepal

  • Construction of various sizes household , institutional, community and commercial plants
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Subsidy administration /channeling
  • Credit mobilization
  • Quality control
  • Monitoring & evaluation
  • Research & development
  • Training
  • Slurry management
  • Institutional supports / strengthening
  • Programme management (Administration)

Seeking Funding Support

We are seeking funding support from potential donors to implement following project/Activity.
  • Repair and maintenance of old biogas plants
  • Rehabilitation of Earthquake affected biogas plants
  • Implementation of WASH rain water harvesting, toilet attached biogas promtion projects
  • Larger size biogas plants (plastic bags/fixed dome) in communities, cooperatives and commercial Enterprises.
  • Bio slurry management, training and implementation
  • Mason and supervisor training
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