About Us:

Established in 2003 under District Administration Office,Lalitpur under the Social Organization Act of the Government of Nepal.

Introduction of BSP-Nepal:

Biogas Sector Partnership–Nepal-(BSP-Nepal) is a professional non-governmental organization involved in developing and promoting appropriate rural and renewable energy technologies, particularly, biogas, effective in improving livelihood of the rural people. It was established in 2003 under District Administration Office, Lalitpur under the Social Organization Act of the Government of Nepal.

In addition to the implementation of Biogas Support Programme-IV&Interim Phase funded mainly by GoN/SNV-DGIS/KfW/WorldBank and National Rural and Renewable Energy Programme (NRREP)funded/supported by Alternative Energy Promotion Centre(AEPC)/Government of Nepal and various External Development Partners, BSP-Nepal has been implementing the Rainwater Harvesting Capacity Centre (RHCC) funded by RAIN Foundation, the Netherlands) ,Gold Standard Biogas VER Project(GSP) funded by WWF-Nepal and WASH programme funded by Dutch WASHAlliance/DGIS,CommunityOwned Biogas Livelihood Enhancement(COBLE) funded by RenewableWorld, UK.Biogas Rehabilitation Projects funded by Alternative Energy Promotion Centre, atmosfair-Germany, KfW and DFID.BSP-Nepal is the first(most probably) development organization in Nepal that obtained ISO 9001:2008 certificate. It also won the most prestigious Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy. BSP-Nepal has initiated to register the Biogas Project of Nepal under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Its Executive and Advisory Committees consisted of with the most reputed personalities in different fields followed by the professional Management Team and other committed and dedicated staff having long experiences. Since the implementation of BSP and NRREP above 400,000 biogas plants were installed all districts of Nepal, out of which about 100,000 biogas plants constructed with the credit supports of different commercial banks and MFIs. BSP-Nepal has built working relationship with several agencies under the partnership modality. Since, BSP-Nepal took over the responsibility of implementing BSP from SNV, it very much considers itself responsible for development of the biogas sector, further strengthening and expanding the sector while at the same time, interlinking it with the issues of other development sectors. Further, since last few years it has also embarked on promotion of rainwater harvesting systems and linking it with biogas promotion in areas where rainwater is scarce.

BSP-Nepal has also articulated its vision, mission, objectives and strategy.


An organization (highly) reputed in providing environment–friendly solutions for livelihood enhancement.


To become a leading capacity builder and implementer (as a gap filler) in promotion of sustainable solutions in partnership for enhanced livelihood and (improved) environment.


Executive Committee:

1. Mr. Shekhar Aryal - Chairman
2. Mr, Sundar Bajgain - Vice Chairman
3. Prof. Dr. Amrit Bahadur Karki - Genaral Secretary
4. Mr. Surendra Lal Shrestha - Treasurer
5. Mr. Bishwa Raj Karki - Member
6. Mr, Kishwor Gyawali - Member

Management Team:

1. Mr. Prakash Lamichhanhe, Executive Director
2. Mr. Bala Ram Shrestha, Management Advisor
3. Mr. Saroj Kumar Shrestha, Sr. Officer

Research Team:

1. Prof. Dr. Govind Raj Pokharel, Academic Research Adviser
2. Mr. Bikash Adhikary, Research Associate
3. Mr. Pratap Jung Rai, Research Associate